Medical Cannabis Company

Meet Cannabar

Near the Alexander River, on the “Hamra” land of the Hefer Valley, there is a new Israeli reality. Cannabar Ltd. is a pioneer, agricultural & modern company in the field of medical cannabis.

The company’s founders, upon formation of the Company, envisioned, the establishment of a technologically advanced agricultural company in the growing Medical Cannabis sector, out of a personal interest to combine business entrepreneurship and medical contribution to the citizens of the country.

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Cannabar - At a Glance

Our Vision

Cannabar intends to become one of the dominant companies in Israel in the field of breeding, growing and distribution of high-quality, differentiated and branded medical cannabis products domestically and internationally, while expanding its business further through innovation with various collaborations in the fields of genetics, agriculture, medical research and more.

“The Great Architect of the universe built it of good firm stuff.”

- Jules Verne

Our Mission

In implementing its vision, Cannabar is obligated to the principle of ensuring its patient needs and requirements are first and foremost and therefore it will strive to give its patient the maximum - a quality, reliable, available, aesthetic, distinctive,reproducible and repeatable product while providing a user experience that works on most senses optimally.

“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Our Founding Pillars


Cannabar works in collaboration with various companies, medical and research institutions to promote high level research projects and technological innovation in the field of medical cannabis.


Cannabar has established a facility at the forefront of technological agricultural innovation, with an emphasis on quality genetics, and advanced agricultural growing and processing practices.


Cannabars' agricultural products are aimed to treat a wide range of medical symptoms and as such, the Company is highly attentive to the needs and feedback of its customer base,

Our Products


THC 20% | CBD 4% | CBN 1.5%

Jango Diesel

THC 20% | CBD 4% | CBN 1.5%

Gelato 42

THC 20% | CBD 4% | CBN 1.5%


THC 20% | CBD 4% | CBN 1.5%